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Time Spent Sick lyrics

Artist: Larger Than Life

Song Title: Time Spent Sick

you led me to water
then you let me me drown
i've come back who's sorry now?
sorry you wasted your time
time spent sick and all alone
so i picked you up and took you home
keep in mind
that i saved you this time

so sad that its such a big part of you
without it i wonder where you will be
better off then you are now
you know its true
truent to your self, so lazy

so sure yet so phoney
now bored and left lonely
i still see you
once in awhile
sunken eyes, twisted mind,
slack jawed, broken smile
i wave to you
as you walk on by
a slap in the face
a good kick in the ass
it's been coming to you
for a long time past
past that now
im free to move on with my life