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Test My Best lyrics

Artist: E-rotic

Song Title: Test My Best

Just test my best and find out if you like it
And the rest is dependent on you
Come close to me and when we are united
You will see it's all so true

Just test my best and find out I'm not faking
Don't take less when you can get it all
Just hold me tight what you're giving I'm taking
Baby stay with me tonight it's alright test me baby

Let me find out what's your best
Let's make a passion test
Your body just tells the truth
Come on I've got my mind to lose

I'll test you test you tonight
So move your body do me right
Imagine that I'm your guest
I gotta know how good's your best

Oh come on baby, oh come on
Oh baby come into my nest
I'll give you a flying test
Come on girl just spread your wings

We'll do lot of special things
Believe me I won't let you fall
Prove it you're the best of all
Oh baby let me suggest
Come on get ready for another test