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Tears Of A Leper lyrics

Artist: Lament

Song Title: Tears Of A Leper

He was lost in the wilderness
Finding no way to a place he could stay
He was hungry and thirsty
And his soul failed him, he sat in darkness
And in the deepest gloom
Living in agony and depression
Through his tears he cried out
I prefer strangling and death
Rather than this body of mine, it's not enough to be just
I deserve to die for the sin in my life
Porque no hay lugar dónde se escondan
Los que hacen maldad
Por haberte desobedecido, mi Dios
Estoy perdido en este mundo de pecado
He caído y me estoy muriendo
Perdóname, Señor
Ayúdame porque yo solo no puedo
Quiero estar contigo otra vez
Have mercy on me my Jesus
Look upon my affliction and suffering
You lift me up from the doors of death
I remember the good times we had together Lord
But now I am bound by ties of death
And torments of perversity