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Superficial Society lyrics

Artist: Unwritten Law

Song Title: Superficial Society

So I'm not good enough
To hang out with your friends
You say it's a bluff, it's no lie
You want to be cool and hang with both sides

But what would they say, I'm the fool
It's a superficial society
It's a bunch of bullshit, can't you see
Why wouldn't you wake up to reality

I guess back stabbing ain't the way of life for me
Open your mind and close your eyes
To the things that really persist
It's not your hair or the things you wear
That makes someone socially exist

It's hard to find yourself sometimes
Around the people with a cool policy
Why don't you let yourself unwind
And leave that lame society

Superficial society
Superficial society
Superficial society
It's all superficial to me

Superficial society
Superficial society