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Progress lyrics

Artist: Jack Bruce

Song Title: Progress

We used to walk those golden streets
But where's the glitter gone?
The times we knew, falling back into blue
From this moment on

We used to sail such silver seas
But they have lost their glow
The days we danced, have denied their romance
Ain't nowhere to go

Looking through cold windows, at the autumn flying by
I wait for memories to come home
All this time, without you, and I search the sky
So sad, the sun is on its own

Love used to wear a sapphire smile
Maybe a diamond grin
The years we played were destroyed in the raids
All the fools that we've been

Look out at the wild world through the sweet and sour rain
I wish the ache would lose its sting
All these broken chances 'cause I missed the train
Tomorrow just don't mean a thing

We used to march against the night
Now there's so little shine
The minds we moved have slipped out of the groove
Now that you are not mine

The seasons just don't rhyme
Life is hardly worth a dime