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Only The Names lyrics

Artist: Machine Head

Song Title: Only The Names


Welcome in my friend, out of the cold where it's warm, please step in
What's your name my friend?
My name's the same what a strange coincidence
Glad you're come to this place what's the pleasure you chase?
Oh, you like playing with speed well I have all the answers you need

I can take you
High and make you invincible
Never leave you

Welcome in my friend, try some of this what you'll feel is amazing
Tap a tiny blast, in a crease of foil place this flame beneath it
White smoke you will inhale a speed rush you will exhale
The goose bumps prickle your skin just enough to dig the hooks in

I can take you
High and make you invincible
But now you're hollow

You're crawling on the floor
But you'll be back for more, yea

Hello there my friend back for the sweet poison so soon again
But this lie must end, I must collect for those pleasures gave
When I first told you my name, I told you ours were the same
And that's not really a lie 'cuz my real name is your addiction

I will bring you
Down and break you
Burn right through you
Won't regret you