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Once In A Lifetime lyrics

Artist: Sandra

Song Title: Once In A Lifetime

[Spoken Dialogue in Spanish:
"Cuando noche esta, te esperaré
Quiero volverte loco esta noche
Con la luna llena, te esperaré
Hoy morirás entre mis brazos
Y nunca soñarás de algo mas"]

Let me dive in to pools of sin,
Wet black leather on my skin
Show me the floor, lay down the law,
I need to taste you more

(1) Then I feel your seed, raining down on me
Can this be my once in a lifetime?
How's it have in store, as I need you more
You know you're my once in a lifetime

[Spoken Dialogue in Spanish:
"Todo tu cuerpo temblará,
Pero esta vez, es realidad
Aún que el tiempo pase,
Nunca, nunca, lo olvidarás,
Sera, solo una vez en tu vida"]

When you take me, you make me cry
Then I feel you satisfied
Show me the cage, if it's all the rage
- And lock it up!

(2) Found a part of me that's a mystery,
It will be just once in a lifetime
When the moon is high, passion never dies
Then you want me for all the lifetime

Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime

Giving you my soul, letting you control
Took away a part of my lifetime
Memories of you left me black and blue
Now I know you're once in a lifetime

Repeat 1, then 2, then again? until Fade Out