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Mysteries lyrics

Artist: yeah yeah yeahs

Song Title: Mysteries

My arms are all twisted, the only thing I miss is
I messed up, I missed it, I messed up, the missing of you

It's getting to sound like they've seen you around with her

No mystery, no mystery, no mysteries

Everyone knows the secretest code of mine
They'll tell all my friends and they'll tell all my enemies too

Mystery, no mysteries, no mysteries
No mystery, no mystery, no mysteries
Take it away, Nick

Well, I don't even know what it's like not to go back to you
I don't even know who I like less
You own me, you own me, you own me, ooh
Well, it's anyone's, anyone's guess, it's anyone's, anyone's guess

Stress, stress, stress, twist
Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress