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Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards, sponsored by Billboard magazine was one of several annual United States music awards shows (among the others are the Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony).

The Billboard Music Awards have been held annually since 1990, the BMAs were stalled in 2007 to launch a new Billboard Music Awards show in 2008.

The "big three" established awards shows (American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammys) compete for prestige and television ratings, with the Grammys nominally rewarding quality and both the AMAs and BMAs rewarding popularity. In the Billboard Music Awards case, popularity is determined by Billboard magazine's year-end music charts which are based on Nielsen data for sales, downloads and airplay.

Awards were given for the top album/artist/single in every genre. Since 1992, a Billboard Century Award, magazine's highest honor for creative achievement, is also given to one artist per year.

Since its establishment - Created by Rick Garson - the BMAs have been telecast on the FOX network; however due to contractual expirations and other unforeseen circumstances, the awards were cancelled for 2007.