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Malevolence lyrics

Artist: Cancerslug

Song Title: Malevolence

there is too much that is ugly
there is too much that i cant stand to sink my teeth into everyday
anger is behind it
its what we believe
and the systems that guide it are here and to stay
make and match promises with every little slut that comes your way
its just your way and thats my way of telling you
that i dont care about your friends or family or anything you hold so dear
i am just what i am
and i'll take just what i give
burn out the bastards
burn out the whores
take what you can because they will take yours
take everything left at your feet
take everything and then it is complete
burn out the coffins
burn out the graves
let all that is dead be a memorial to hate
there are greater hells than this
what are you without me
what am i without you
we are forever