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Madly lyrics

Artist: Kill Your Idols

Song Title: Madly

A friend of mine once said to me Don't ever hurry He said that life is long That I didn't need to worry He said that even when you think someone is gone it doesnt mean that they have completely moved on. Even in the slightest bit, they might still care, so all I want to know is are you still out there? I wonder if you're doing fine, and if I ever come to mind Do you long for the past, or search for better times I haven't learned my lesson I still would try again Through the dim light on the porch I couldn't see it then It was already over laying together on your bed I haven't changed, why did you what was going through your head? I should've given up, I shouldn't even try I've already told myself 1000 lies It's only me, I'll take the blame keep it inside to avoid the shame So thanks again, my special friend (if that was true, why did it have to end?). For me it was real, and it's been fun, But now take a look at what I've become.