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Love Knows We Tried lyrics

Artist: Tanya Tucker

Song Title: Love Knows We Tried

It's time to pack up all the dreams and walk away
No matter what our hearts might say
Now we know we're at the end of a love
So it's foolish to pretend, why try

We cried clinging to each other tenderly
We were the best that we could be
Through the sweet and gentle years
And now after all these tears we cried

Love knows we tried
Love knows we tried
We gave it all we had and more
Love knows we tried
We've got the memory and someday we may see

Goodbye doesn't mean we really didn't try
So you can hold your head up high
And as I walk away from you knowing well
We did all that we could do inside

Love knows we tried
Oh, love knows we tried
Love knows we tried
Love knows we tried