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Legal lyrics

Artist: Lament

Song Title: Legal

In secret she hid her shame
She placed her confidence in a lie
The very instrument she thought would set her free
Will cause her to die
Her body racked with pain
Her plea you would deny
On deaf ears her screams would fall
All long the danger raged
Within her body
As she collapses with faint breath
She begs God to forgive her
And He does
In the hospital the war is waged
As the infection claims feet
Hands and legs, skin becomes black as sin
For wisdom the doctors
Look to within as she wastes away
A few hours later her race would be finished
But all is lost as the deadly infection wins
Her children mourn the loss of a mother they will never know
Her husband mourns the loss of his wife and the child he never knew
All in the name of choice and legal immorality