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Lay Your Love On Me lyrics

Artist: Racey

Song Title: Lay Your Love On Me

When I met you
you were seventeen
not just another teenage queen
and then I took you ev'rywhere you've been
in and out of love then back again

When I very first saw you baby I knew
darling it had to be you
you're the one who takes me higher
baby set my heart on fire.

Come on baby lay your love on me
ooh baby let your love go free now
come on baby lay your love on me
got the love I need

Now I've tasted your sweet lips
darling I know what I miss
you gave me more than I would ever take
with ev'ry word and ev'ry move you make
I can't believe that after all this time
I got ev'ry little thing I ever hoped to find
whatever you got
I can't let up
it's you baby it's you that I love.

Come on baby lay your love on me