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Just A Lil Love lyrics

Artist: L.G. Wise

Song Title: Just A Lil Love

Take the time and come follow me, and thru this dream

And while i'm rollin' thru these neighborhoods see babies scream
And mommas fiend, Yo, it's like they on the wrong team
How many people close they eyes to this american dream
I look my children in they eyes and I wipe their tears
Now don't you fear, ''cause daddy's gonna be right here
And every river you gotta cross I'll be right there
And every paain you gotta feel, you know I'll always care
How many young gotta go to prison, behind the killin and dealin'
Not even carin' how these mothers feelin'
I know you on the swell, I know you lookin' well
But on the inside, just a lil kid that's locked behind a cell
And oh well, I never had a father there to lead 'em, but to leave 'em
And they greavin' and they barely breathin'
No reason to even try y'all to look for love
You got dealt such a bad hand to be a thug

Oh, what the worl needs is love
And all the homies stuck in prison
What we need is a lil love, that's what we missin'
Oh, what the world needs is love, is love, we need a lil love

Never seen my pops, unless i seen him in me
Somebody please help me explain all this misery
I'm hangin' out with these older cats and I'm payin' my dues
Actin' a fool up in the streets, I'm packin' this gat and these tools
And thinkin' its cool to sellin dope and never goin to school
But I'm a fool, I listened to them when it should have been you
What kind of drama cause a momma turn her back on her kids
She said I said I'll be back, but she never did
I used to scream nobody love me
I fell in love with the streets when thugs they huged me
Know what I'm sayin', Instead of the nights fallin asleep
I fell in love with the streets, would have died as a thug hadn't been for your love
No mommas and daddys and all these homies stuck in prison
What we need is a lil ove, that's what we missin'
No mommas and daddys and all these homies stuck in prison
What we need is a lil love that's what we missin'


And just like Jah, He never knew his daddy
And just like me I never knew my daddy
And while I'm ridin' with these older homies drivin' caddies
And now we cryin' wonder why my daddy had to have me
You can relate, but now we made it thru
But it wasn't easy you see, but can't forget the ones who died
Wasn't as fortunate as me
But now that crack flood the streets, nobody know how it came
Nobody wanna tell the truth, that's why we goin' insane
Project homes are steady broken, daddys out smokin'
Watchin' babies lyin' dead in the casket, it ain't no joke
And how we gonna make it without these daddies and mommas
That's why we lost up in this world, crazy facin' this drama
Most of the fathers 20 years ago they had your back
Alot of fathers in this day and time they hooked on crack
All we need is a lil love to change all that
I know it hurts to tell the truth, but gotta face the facts