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Green Children lyrics

Artist: 10,000 Maniacs

Song Title: Green Children

An August day in the hills of Spain, a pair of children emerged from a cave.
The strangest sight there alone they stood, with skin of green and
words no one had heard.
The girl was stronger, the boy was weak, with her new mother she
learned to speak.
And wove a tale of a dying sun, the left the darkness, a dark world
come undone.
They travelled so far. Believing they came from a star.
She fell through life, through time, through parallel lives.
The men of science, the men of fame, the men of letters tried to
Was it parallel worlds or a twist of time to make her think she'd
fallen from the sky?
A whirlwind spun them all alone,
took them from their twilight home.
Believing they came from a star.