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Flash To The Rescue lyrics

Artist: Queen

Song Title: Flash To The Rescue

I'm lost Aura, nothing can save me now

Flash, ah, ah

General Kala, Flash Gordon approaching
What do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching?
On a Hawkman rocket cycle, shall I inform his majesty?
Imbecile, the emperor would shoot you
For disrupting his wedding with this news
Fire when Gordon's in range

Flash, ah, ah

He's escaping, idiots
Dispatch 'War Rocket Ajax' to bring back his body

Charge the boosters
Flash Gordon in range, Captain, fire
Vultan, my trap plan worked, they'll follow me for sure
Good, standby my Hawkmen

Fire capacitators
They're trying to flush you out
Okay, let's go in after him
Good, they're coming through

Squadron forty