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Como Ama Una Mujer (english) lyrics

Artist: Jennifer Lopez

Song Title: Como Ama Una Mujer (english)

Maybe I rushed
To see without stepping on the steps,
To let the wounds
not heal well.
Maybe by impetuous
I left so many things
They were part of the road
Part of growing up.
Maybe because I was only one,
He has been in love with the moon,
Only this has been my sin,
To follow my heart to all sides,
Follow my heart crazy everywhere

And I loved as a woman loves
He sees in her man paradise,
If I did deliver totally
And whether to start crashing the way
And get up on the road
I loved and love as a woman
That the soul has not abandoned

And that you try one more day
And has dreamed of dream
And love has been wrong
And I will love the way

Maybe there has been no space
To see quite clear
By the end of the day
I had to lose.
If I had taken the wind
I have lived my moments
And at the end of my conscience
I only had faith.

And just to continue this madness
The passion that will quickly vanish,
Only by believeing again
Not falling and sometimes not desvancecerme
Throughout the need to get strong.