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Chesterfield King And Propagandhi lyrics

Artist: Kill Your Idols

Song Title: Chesterfield King And Propagandhi

-one plus one doesnt equal two it equals me alone without you. the other one can stand for you and all the things you said we'd do. it can stand in place of where you used to be. i thought you said you were there for me. i know changes happen when i'm gone but i didnt think you'd totally move on. next time can you do as promised? or is that too much for you to be honest? i lived your life of make believe. i wonder what you've achieved? i guess i was wrong to put my trust in you. if i dont say goodbye today i never will. i wish you could have waited for me. cant you please just wait for me? never doesnt have to start today. cant we go back to yesterday? i never wanted to push you into anything. remember the words you used to sing/ remember the words you used to sing?