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Chains Of Darkness lyrics

Artist: Lament

Song Title: Chains Of Darkness

They promise freedom but they themselves
Are slaves of corruption
With their mouths they praise God
They preach the name of Jesus and His love
Some want to pervert the gospel of Christ
Changing the word of God for their convenience
They are wells without water
Lies and blasphemies
These sects are born in such a manner
That they draw man away from the truth
They ask money for healing, prosperity
Prostitution of the gospel
They listen to seducing spirits
And doctrines of demons
They preach false doctrines
Disguising themselves as Christians but they are
False prophets that introduce destructive heresy
Talking like brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed
And shall utterly perish in their own corruption
For it would have been better for them not to have known Jesus
They are like a dog returning to his own vomit again
Now the time has come to discern the schemes
Of the devil because Jesus is the only way
And salvation is free