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Blood Of The Zodiac lyrics

Artist: Machine Head

Song Title: Blood Of The Zodiac

A blind man asked an angel
Could you please help
But was told
Take me from this altar
I won't falter
But I might fall

This bitter man would understand
Through all his life, a needle had
Been his saviour, been his God
So he tried to make a change
Tried to rearrange
Gun at his side, suicide

I can't help feel I been mistreated
Won't you listen to me

Despise all that I see
All that I feel
All that I want to be
Burned, blistered and raw
Tearing apart
All that is sane to me

A wise man half pariah
Half messiah
Came to seed
Rain down blood like fire
Born to sire
Racist breed

His dominance of ignorance
Was rhetoric that made no sense
Some believed in all the lies
But in my mind I know what's wrong
Way too fucking strong
Taste the revenge on my tongue

And now is my time to rise
And now is our time to rise
Our time
To rise

Ignorant, indignant
Promises made in vain

Rise, I can't see like you
Rise, I can't feel like you
Rise, never be like you
Rise, time for all us to