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Absolute Predominance lyrics

Artist: Lament

Song Title: Absolute Predominance

Everybody wants power and control in this world
Governments, countries and many men
They've tried to get it with wars and nuclear arms
It doesn't matter who dies, children, women
Innocent people that pay the price
Of the stubborn man who seeks to rule
Oh, you are all so simple
Only You, Lord, who with your great power
Created the heavens and the earth
You gave breath of life to man
You broke the heads of the monster in the waters
You separated the sea so your people
Could flee
Only You, Lord Jesus
Have control over all the universe
You punish with your sword and the serpent
You will slay the dragon
Even the mountains will melt as wax before You
Only You, my God, with Your power
Subject demons and heal the sick
In the name of Christ
Besides, every knee shall bend before You and
All the men that wanted the glory will
Confess that You are sovereign, God
Over all
You will crush Satan under our feet
And You will show that You are King
Those who boast in idols
Worship Him all you gods!